Memorial Items

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a personal journey and things that help one person may not help another.  We have a range of memorial items that may help people through their grieving process and remember their loved one

Memory Cushions

We can make your loved ones shirts, t-shirts or blouses in to removable cushion covers.

The memory cushions are 14″ x 14″ and come complete with cushion.

just give us a call or bring in any items you would like made in to cushions to discuss your requirements.

                                                                                                   £15.00 each

Ashes in The Glass

Have your loved ones ashes blown in to a lovely selection of jewellery or ornaments.

Come in and see us to browse through the catalogue and price list,  We can also arrange for sample items to be sent to us so you can see them to help you decide.

Ashes Jewellery

We have our own range of affordable keepsake pendants, which can be used to hold a small amount of cremated remains/hair to give u a unique piece of memorial jewellery.

Prices start at £18.00, come in and see our collection

Memorial Prayer Cards

We can supply small memory/prayer cards, which can be carried in a wallet/purse or bag. Contact us for details

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