Arranging A Funeral

Binder & Sons is an independent family run funeral director in Romford, and we will use our expert knowledge and caring compassion to help you arrange a perfectly fitting and personal funeral for your loved one, not only support you through the process but continue to support you for as long as we can.  

For many of us, arranging a funeral is something you thankfully may only have to do a couple of times in our lives so its a process we are not incredibly familiar with.  We will help and guide you through the decision making process and take as much of the burden away from you as we can.  Here are some of the things you will need to decide and some of the options available to you, to personalise the funeral service. 

Some of the decisions regarding the funeral may have already been made by the person who has died.  They may have recorded their wishes in either a will, funeral wishes leaflet or had conversations with their next of kin expressing what their wishes would be.  We would always advise checking with their important documents and checking the will to see if there is anything recorded.

If there is nothing recorded, you must first decide what type of funeral you are going to arrange:


Things to consider with Cremation

  • Most crematoriums have a chapel/service room so the funeral service can be held there
  • Cremation is largely cheaper than a burial
  • There will be time limits for the service
  • You will need to decide on a resting place for the remains after a cremation


Things to Consider with Burial

  • There may be a family grave.
  • Some cemeteries may have a small chapel where the service can be held
  • Woodland/green burials are available
  • Burials can be very expensive
  • After the burial the added expense of a headstone will be incurred.

Some of our local cemeteries and crematorium:

South Essex Crematorium

Ockendon Road, Upminster

Bentley Crematorium

Ongar Road, Brentwood

Forrest Park Crematorium

Forrest Road, Hainult

City of London Crematorium

Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park

Romford Cemetery

Crow Lane, Romford

Rippleside Cemetery

Meadow Close, Barking

The Funeral Service

A funeral service is a way of saying goodbye but it as also a way of celebrating the life of someone who has died.  A funeral is a very personal event and we encourage the families we serve to make the funeral service as personal as they want it to be.  We often hear people say things like “Its not really Dad, but you have to have these things at a funeral”.  This is where our expert staff will assist and help you find exactly what you want rather than what you think you need to have.

Where Will The Service Be Held?

A funeral service can be held in any suitable venue.  Many people choose a church or crematorium/cemetery chapel but the service can be anywhere, in a private home or public room such as a village hall etc.  We can make arrangements for the service to held anywhere you feel appropriate.

Who Will Lead The Service?

We can arrange for a faith minister/priest to conduct the funeral service if you would like a religious service, likewise if you would like a semi or non religious service we have several excellent funeral celebrants who can lead the service.  If you choose a funeral celebrant you can still have hymns and prayers and likewise the minister/priest can conduct the service at the crematorium, you don’t need to have a church service. We will talk to you through these options and arrange the officient for you.  They will meet you prior to the funeral and plan the service with you.

If these decisions seem daunting, remeber we are here to help make things easier, call 01708 373635 and talk to a member of our staff who can help advise you on all the options available to you.

Order of Service

We can arrange for professional orders of service to be printed for the service.  They are a guide for people to follow during the service, with printed hymns and prayers etc, but also provide a nice memorial keepsake once the funeral has taken place


We recommend a local florist who has helped many of the families we have served.

Take a look at her website here: 

Memorial Donations

if you would like people to remember your loved on with a donation to a favourite charity rather than flowers,we can arrange that for you.  We can collect donations after the service and also have the function for donations to be collected through our online obituary.  

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